July 18, 2017

Is your laundry piling up? Does it feel like laundry is an everyday chore? If this is accurate for you, you are not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a family of four will spend an average of 22 minutes each day doing laundry. That is 2.5 hours each week dedicated solely to washing, drying, and folding laundry! Now imagine if you have a larger family or if you have ironing to do. This never ending chore continues to consume our time when it already seems as if there is less and less each day. This is where Village Cleaners can help! let us wash, dry, and fold your everyday laundry and give you back what truly matters- more time to do the things we love. Village Cleaners’ wash-n-fold service is only $1.78 per pound (ten pound min. order) and we will even pick up and deliver directly to your door!



February 2, 2018

6 Things Your Dry Cleaner Wants You to Know

December 13, 2017

How To Remove Grease Stains

Tips to identify and successfully remove those hard to remove grease stains.

August 3, 2017

4 Signs To Look For In A Quality Dry Cleaner

As there are several options for dry cleaning and laundry, it is important that consumers know what to look for in a quality dry cleaners.



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